by pavleisdead

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from out the womb of Babalon
into the seas of chaos and despair to contact the supra-normal
beyond the shadows of dependency
into the depths of malicious murder without regard for consequence
to be recycled in Her name
and later become an immovable force of absolute invulnerability


Son ov Abyss

A fraud kisses a frog
The yonder yawns
A fragile fertile rotten greedy lot
Umbilical climb back to Babalon
From always and forever to never again
From always and forever to never again
From always and forever to never again
That laugh of nothing sacred lasts
Umbilical climb back to Babalon
And trouble not on what was lost on Michael wrought
Categories dissolve
From always and forever to never again
The pedals swim upstream to spawn
From always and forever to never again
The crown of this tree reaches beyond
From always and forever to never again
Slept with fate and upon wake found a corpse in my warm embrace
I rap for the fuck of it
Fuck na
I rap because self created thought forms is the only love I get
Me and my twin flame just fuck all day
But no matter how many zealots bend and pray
Ahriman never lets the stasis stay
They beggin for Kether like place
Confusing they faith with fate
But no matter how many zealots bend and pray
Ahriman never lets the stasis stay
Teach us to live for figure 8
In ways of hollow accursed phrase
In ways of hollow accursed phrase
Teach us to live for figure 8
In ways of hollow accursed phrase
In ways of hollow accursed phrase
In ways of NO NO NOOOOO
Mother hurl me in the way of Cain
Put a horn on my face
Turn to a hollow shell upon a throne in hell
Little putti with arrows and bow
So it goes how Søren said
Saturns sword gets the best of him
Left to reap what I sow
Either planting seeds in these hoes
Or alone with prose of bent poses sub-par dome
And serotonin oxytocin dopamine overdosing
Yeah she glides and she floats but im crush her wings until they permenately broke
Make her know it was a mistake to show me those weak hopes
Your gonna learn today bitch

A fraud kisses a frog
The yonder yawns
A fragile yet fertile rotten greedy lot

Many souls been lost on Michael wrought
Many souls been lost on Michael wrought
Admonish them all and send him on blessed fire pit fall
So fucking what
Im wrecking this star and building worlds of its ash and dust
There was an alchemical one of two
Now split as fallen seraphim do
There was an alchemical one of two
But now I don’t give a fuck about you
From always and forever to never again
As impermanent im-permeates
From always and forever to never again


Ašmodai bring a new bitch everyday I Abraha-say
Vanity keep me safe from fallin every witch way
To another other strange
Because life’s a bitch and that slut is lovin’ other fuckers with no rubber
but I motherfucking rubber fuck her and never trust her
Yeah lifes a bitch and that slut is lovin other fuckers with no rubber
So you better rubber fucker and never trust her
Yeah All hoes is sluts including my mother
Yeah all hoes is thots including my moms
The snap of the bitch is the gift of god
But homie this my im a dog monologue
Let the first give me her cunt
The second his head
The third his butt
With they throats stuck in a double knot
And heads bobbin like a cock
Best know my nose as pinnochio when I go spit off prose that expose my future ex-hoes to how this dog roles
Love and patience do not know
So I grab this mother fucking hoe
Wrap her ass in motherfucking cloak and drag her to the motherfucking under globe

Yeah I stole a hoe
She Persephone
Forcing red sea oceans open as moses
Drunk as low
Atrocious approach
Stumbling as I go grab her mouth hole and drag it to my south pole
Inked in wings of a pig get clipped
Push the bitch over a cliff wit’em
And kiss her best wishes
I ditch bitches than use the shit to flip scriptures
I dodge pictures than ask her friend for figures
If she aint down than fix her drink with tinctures mixture
Im a sick son of a bitch do you get the picture
My barks spark the heart broken harlot
My heart used to pump puss and shit
Now it aint nothing but volcanic obsidian black magic goetic djinn and demonic wingman
For real
Ašmodai bring me some new strange everyday I abraha-say
And I feel bad for you son
99 problems I got 101 plus some
she fills me with drugs and summons a fuck a couple of pumps and she falls in love
vanish into foaming lip tar pit labia labyrinth
enter and pray she a motherfucking masochist
I don’t care if it’s a fat bitch a faget or amateur adult actress
Ill still hit like an addict
Stab it like im mad and shit
Call me fucking daddy bitch
Morality of a drug feigning horned freak flowing through me
Hit her ovaries and she never really over me cuz
There is no owning Adonis so in case you didn’t notice you should know this
Lifes a bitch and that slut is lovin other fuckers with no rubber
So you better rubberfucker and never trust her
Yeah lifes a bitch motherfucker stay jaded
When it comes to these sluts I wear horns on my head and only accept love or hatred

Idyll Worship
Here you can only find mirages of landmarks
Welcome to my dessert sandbox
The only ones who pay face is the vacant shapes of Djinn in this place
Cant ask divinity for a date
We’s in a no contact phase
On high Michael wrought
Ejection from primordial garden
Forgotten gods talkin of sky drops I ought’ve caught
The bullets shot been stopped between these dotted chipped teeth
Dusty memories fuck me over and over
With my head next to my knees beneath the covers
Hang myself with my guts
Mantra repeated destroy everything I never knew I ever needed
And force her to leave us
She lie when she said she love us
Na she never loved us
Love is love of suffering with mouth shut
My brothers fill up her cup till they left without a single nut bust
I is nothing but broken and shattered fragments
Stained glass
Faked suicide dead but not dead enough to die
My eyes release a flood everyday the last 3 months
Salt water plus blood runs
Rivers red exodus from the head
Note with last words said
Kept without ink on virgin parchment
Vagabond knapsack of broken promises
Pulled a Unabomber andy kaufman
Mailbox bombs her fathers apartment
6 walls
candle lit box of darkness
fiery scrying object in a staring contest
breathing burdens left me wordless
a cursed wordsmith of Idyll Worship
of all words nones is worser of pen than what could have been
using depression as a karmic weapon
murder self shit like I feign to be Pheonix
burn choruses as bridges burn bridges as wings
of the victims is only those I ever meant to bless
electric circuits on [OFF] in the chest
anthem roses are red and of war and vengeance
cut skin on blood oath broke
surprised any of my vital organs is still performing
recording all with a razor on the skin as I attempt to squirm in choke hold
LVTHNs tail strokes till I croak
Stormy coasts crash up against my altar
As if jagged cliffs in a dramatic flick
These rythyms is ridden as women trying to get rid of him
Hidden in from the walking trauma that calls Sàtán Papa
Stalking such a rare species gonna stomp em all extinct
Will to no thing
We could’ve painted a masterpiece al Matisse
Color me a chewed up leach in puddle of feces beneath these streets
Reaching up from the concrete you hear me scream
Samael save me
See these bars I made of the scars on my wrist
Is the rings of a pimp
Wisdom of silenus shit
Abdomen stirs with her hurt murderous
Hell trodden through
For you my tongue bitten through

Kill Her

She stole eleven fingernails
And found way out my cave
Now I bleed from soul molten grey
It pours more and more than more
Moving towards morgue
For fornication pitchfork pierced 3 holes
Can never tap and score
But always manage to stab some more
Dragging queen whore by hair so no dirt gets where
Where that fuckin cup gets shared
I don’t fuckin care
Watch me walk through the finish
since shit I dip CNS sick
make my fuckin jaw flinch look at you neck kinked head 180 twist
I thought the deluge cruise was meant for 2
Don’t give credit where its due
Instead I steal it off of you
Its my fault you turned black and blue
Its my fault I woke
Its my fault eggs dropped out and earth received yolk
Left the one I love in a puddle of blood and guts
On some why you make me do this
There is no escape from your fate date BAE
Rececitate you fadin face to again put you in your fuckin place
Wake from your sedated state
Confused tied up in my estate
My blade stained
Singin drunk on violences taste
Hold me to this flame
Hold me to this flame
Trapped in this name
Hold me to my game
You think my face was Cain the way I wave this blade
Figure skinny shaded ridden with woe and shame
There is no fucken A when I prey
I be eaten raw
Livin sayian Law
She’s a sacrifice to my inner god
Turn her to a martyr when I starve her carve her than send tapes to her father
Catch me in the act blade in hand
As an acid eats into steel so am I unto the spirit of man
Run fast expose back to stabs

Misanthrope massive
When I get the chance I will drop the atlas
Knock the bitch of this planet with this laugh of madness

Gayest man on earth when making a whore of this worn widow the world
Rewarded with universal abhorrence bodily torment and lifes abortion

Pantamorphic organs and acoustics rivaling Orpheus
What else but slit my throat
Sing my song
I came in bloody kicken and screamin and that’s how im fucking leaving
In the belly of the beast
You don’t belong here or with me

Close your eyes click heels two times and wish to find yourself well and live on the other side



released May 1, 2016




pavleisdead Zagreb, Croatia


San Diego, California


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